4th PIMReC Project Info Day

On Saturday, September 11 this year. On the Wyżniańska Pass (near the town of Wetlina, Poland) the PIMReC Project Info Day took place.

The event was organized by Grupa Bieszczadzka GOPR, which prepared a special program for tourists on this occasion. Experienced mountain rescuers helped tourists to improve their skills in helping and saving people injured in the mountains.

As part of the information campaign with the use of leaflets, tourists learned about the plans to establish an International Mountain Rescue Training Center in the building of the former Observatory on Mount Pop Ivan in Czarnohora (Ukraine).

Implementation of the project “Adaptation of the former observatory on Mount Pip Ivan for the needs of Alpine Rescue Training Center” (PIMReC) is possible due to financial assistance of the European Union under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine-2014-2020”.

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