A Polish tourist was rescued

On January 17 a telephone call was received at 14:50 from one of the American companies by the Head of the 4th special search and rescue group, the rescuers of which permanently guard within the premises of the Observatory on Pip Ivan mountain.

It was informed that a message had been received via satellite connection that a foreign tourist had got injured at the location near the Pip Ivan mountain (approximately 200 m) in the territory of Transcarpathian region.

3 rescuers on shift of the search and rescue guard were sent to provide first aid to the injured person near the Observatory at 15:22.

The injured man was found at 16:12. At 16:19 the rescuers arrived at the Observatory to the duty location together with the injured man.

Due to unfavourable weather conditions, the rescuers planned descending of the Polish citizen from the mountain top on January 18.

Photo of DSESU press-service in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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