Rely on your own equipment!

Now the building of the observatory is laid-up. On the whole it is closed for visitors since 2016. It has been planned to build shelter on the way to the observatory in the nearest future.

For the present the office of Ukrainian National Authority of Emergency Situations in Ivano-Frankivsk region provides the accommodation for having a short rest in case of a bad weather but only at an urgent necessity tourists can spend the night here.

You should understandan urgent necessity as an inability to get down from a mountain, inability to place a tent, considerable worsening of the weather and other difficult situations. So, if during your walking tour you plan to spend the night on Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi, then first of all you need to rely on your own equipment, especially, on your own tent.

Visiting Rules

  • In mountainous region it is necessary to move in a column, one by one, choosing the safest way.
  • Separation of the group is not recommended.
  • The pace of the group’s movements must be consistent with the level of participants’ preparation, the conditions of the terrain and weather. It is recommended to stop for 10-15 minutes every 45-50 minutes.
  • Avoid rocky areas on your way. Remember that it is possible to climb even simple rocks without a rope, but it is usually impossible to descend without it.
  • Do not stray off the path going straight as you can step on the snow slope and get into an avalanche.
  • It is not recommended to move in thick fog and in the dark, as you can lose orientation and fall from the snow eaves.
  • Do not climb up or descend through narrow crevices as there is possibility of landslides or avalanches.
  • While climbing up a steep slope use tracking sticks.
  • If you start feeling unwell, tell the members of your group about your state immediately.
  • If you happen to be in a situation you can’t cope with by yourself, call the mountain rescue service urgently at 094 92 28 112 or at 112, and briefly inform what happened, where and when. Prepare for night in advance: at least an hour before it is getting dark.
  • When choosing a place to sleep, remember that you can not pitch the tents near steep slopes, under rocks or lonely trees, on the cliffs or near mountain streams.

– to get acquainted with the weather forecast for the next few days (if weather conditions are unfavorable, you should cancel the journey);

– to inform the search and rescue agency, which is responsible for the territory of the route, about the time of beginning of the journey and approximate time of the return of the group;

– to have appropriate tourist clothes and equipment (according to the season and weather conditions), and also a first-aid kit.

– After reaching Mount Pip Ivan Chornohirsky, you should adhere to the relevant rules, do not set fire and use it for light in the adjacent area.