Special Project “THEATRICAL PIPIVANNIA AT OBSERVATORY: Unattainable nation”

On the Independence Day of Ukraine actors of Ivano-Frankivsk Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko will play the legendary performance “Natsiia” (“the Nation”) at different sites of the former observatory building at Pip Ivan mountain. Time and reference to live broadcast will be provided later.

By means of the event called “Unattainable Nation”, the partners that are recovering the observatory under the Project “Adaptation of former observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center” (PIMReC) that is being implemented under financial assistance of the European Union within the cross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020, commence new additional social project – “THEATRICAL PIPIVANNIA AT OBSERVATORY”

The pray performance after the same name book by Mariia Matios (adaptation for the stage by the Honoured Artist of Ukraine – Rostyslav Derzhypilskyi) that has been known for 10 years already not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad, particularly in Poland, will uncover the tender wounds of the past within the decorations of the mountains and acting space of the former observatory building. This symbolic requiem will present its audience with confession and remission to “friends” or “foes”, “innocent” and “guilty” martyrs of history.

The project initiators hope that they will provide opportunity to watch online everything that will take place on the Independence Day at height of 2028 m with the help of modern technical devices. Presence at unique performance “Unattainable nation” about apocalyptic dilemmas of life and death, honour and dishonour, love and hatred, where the uncombinable combines, where styles and and trends, languages and religions are mixed.

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