Hosts plan to hold further events for tourists within social art project

On August 24 – the Independence Day of Ukraine, play “Natsia” ( “the Nation”) after book by Mariia Matios was performed by actors of Ivano-Frankivsk Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko in the premises of the former observatory at Pip Ivan mountain.

By means of the event called “Unattainable Nation”, the partners, recovering the observatory, commenced new additional social art project “THEATRICAL PIPIVANNIA AT OBSERVATORY” under the Project “Adaptation of former observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center“ (PIMReC) under financial assistance of the European Union within  the cross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020.

The main idea of the hosts for the first play was to commence the project and make online present to all the theatre art lovers. However, there were the spectators, who climbed up the mountain and waited for the performance! And they didn’t regret to have stayed at the top of the mountain till the night time. It was wonderful adaptation at three locations inside the observatory and the final stage that took place just outdoors.

Hosts plan to hold further events within social art project for the tourists, who hike along the Chornohora Mountain Range. The renovated observatory will be used not only as international training centre for mountain rescuers, astronomic and meteorological observations, practical studies for ecology and biology students.

Taking into consideration the fact that the building is located on top of one of the highest and the most beautiful mountains of the Chornohora Mountain Range, the object will have wide complex use. In particular, cooperation with creative people will be appreciated here from now on.

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