Head of the Rescue Station at Pip Ivan mountain is honoured as “person of the week” for preparation to winter

The newspaper “Reporter” in its permanent section honoured Vasyl Fitsak – the Head of Yavirnyk Search and Rescue Station – for doing his job well and considering reasonably in advance how to prevent and save. Though, as most of the rescuers in the Carpathians do.

Recently, due to the initiative both of him and volunteers of “Karpatski Stezhky” Foundation, managed by Vasyl Fitsak, together with other rescuers, working in the premises of the Observatory on Pip Ivan Mountain, tourists routes were marker and information poles for those, who’d mount Chornohora in  winter, were installed. According to Vasyl Fitsak, it is the way preparation to winter is conducted, which is starting now. On October 15, there was the early snow on the top of the mountain. The rescuers and volunteers installed 40 poles and more than 100 tables in total.

Thus, 13 poles are already at the stage from the forest near the Maricheika lake to the top of Popivan. 27 more poles are at the stage from the top of the mountain to the passage near Smo­trych. These poles are installed in every 120 metres, have route marking signs and numbering.

Warning tables were installed in the areas with avalanche-hazardous sections. Many people follow summer routes in winter and it is very dangerous.

The rescuers often have to accompany people, who got lost due to terrain complexity or low visibility. And in this way, the tourists will have possibility to track these poles in their GPS-devices and have their positions.

Due to the quarantine, there were less tourists in the Carpathians this year, and that is why there were less serious occasions. Usually, the tourist season starts declining in November. And then the intensity of the traffic increases in February, as the day time is longer and the snow cover is firmer, which allows moving.

We hope that the winter will pass without special incidents, but in case something happens, Chornohora rescuers are ready to help.

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