V Coordination Online PIMReC Steering Committee Meeting

On May 27, V Coordination On-line Steering Committee Meeting of PIMReC Project “Adaptation of former observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center“ (PIMReC) that is being implemented under financial assistance of the European Union within  the cross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 took place.

PIMReC Project Coordinator – Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University – Igor Tsependa, Head of the Project Management Department, PIMReC Manager – Lyubov Zinyuk, Financial Manager – Olha Hryhoriv, Project Managers from the University of Warsaw – Jan Tygielsky and Yurii Tkachuk, Project Partner from the Chief Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in  Ivano-Frankivsk Region headed by Volodymyr Chernetskyi, Project Manager from the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Bieszczady Group (GOPR) – Karolina Kiwior participated in this online meeting.

The Online meeting started with discussion of way of conducting mutual trainings for Ukrainian and Polish rescuers under quarantine restrictions, as the situation is still the same – Polish rescuers are unable to come to Ukraine for participation in the planned trainings, which have been shifted to 2021.

Mykola Burlak, Karolina Kiwior, Lyubov Zinyuk, Yurii Tkachuk provided a range of possible formats of mutual trainings for rescuers within the territories of both countries for consideration. After their detailed discussion, it was decided to conduct additional meeting on May 31 for getting final solution.

The Partners agreed to additionally inquire sanitary-and- epidemiologic institutions about the possible changes in quarantine restrictions and, based on the latest information, during the meeting on May 31 to make the final course of actions concerning the six trainings to be held under the project.

PIMReC Project Coordination – Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University – Igor Tsependa approved such a decision and appealed to the partners for more active communication at the final stage of the project implementation.

He also stipulated a range of issues that require immediate solution, e.g. procurement of the equipment under the project.

 “We have a good team of likeminded fellows, interested in the positive result of our common mission. There is little time until the end of the project, but it is enough for successful solution of all issues”, – Igor Tsependa underlined.

Head of the Project Management Department, PIMReC Manager Lyubov Zinyuk also informed the partners about the successfully conducted Info Day in Ukraine, which had been held online for the first time.

According to her report, there were over one thousand persons, who got registered and were interested in the information concerning the project progress and safe tourism in the mountains before the commencement of the high tourist season.

Besides, Lyubov Zinyuk remarked high interest of mass media in PIMReC Project.

After that she submitted an offer for further nearest events. Particularly, it concerned conducting of the next Coordination Meeting in the University of Warsaw on July 15.

Besides, financial issues were also discussed, as well as a range of infrastructural issues to be also discussed at a separate additional meeting the following week.

Special attention was paid to the project promotion by the partners from the University of Warsaw. Plan for promotion and communication events in the tourist community was made for the nearest three months.

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