Trainings for rescuers will be held in July

On May 31, Additional Coordination On-line Managers Meeting of PIMReC Project “Adaptation of former observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center“ (PIMReC) that is being implemented under financial assistance of the European Union within the cross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 took place.

It concerned only the part of agreement of arrangements concerning the trainings for rescuers planned under the project within the territory of Ukraine and Poland that had been shifted to this year due to quarantine restrictions.

Head of Project Management Department, PIMReC Manager – Lyubov Zinyuk, Project Manager from the University of Warsaw – Yurii Tkachuk, Deputy Head of the DSESU in Ivano- Frankivsk region, Project Manager – Mykola Burlak, Project Manager from the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Bieszczady Group (GOPR) – Karolina Kiwior participated in this online meeting.

It should be reminded that on May 27 during the V Coordination Steering-Committee Meeting of the PIMReC Project, Mykola Burlak, Karolina Kiwior, Lyubov Zinyuk, Yurii Tkachuk offered a range of possible formats of mutual trainings for rescuers within the territories of both countries. However, the partners were to additionally inquire sanitary-and- epidemiologic institutions about the possible changes in quarantine restrictions to make final decisions.

Thus on this day, based on the received information, they dealt about conducting two mutual trainings on July 15-18 in Ukraine and July 22-25 in Poland normally held and with the planned number of involved people. The partners decided to conduct the last four trainings under the project after procurement of the following part of rescuing equipment is finished.

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