Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University – Lead Beneficiary

University of Warsaw

Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Bieszczady Group

Adaptation of former observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center (PIMReC) is a complex infrastructural project aimed at solution of cross-border safety problems in high mountain tourism

Project duration – February 23, 2019 – February 22, 2021

Project budget – 1 170 269,82 Euro

Project aim is to build strong cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian institutions by jointly meeting challenge in improving security of the high mountain tourism.

Project objectives are:

  • Reconstruction and structural adaptation of former astronomical and meteorological observatory on the Pip Ivan mountain (Chornohora Mountain Range, Carpathian Mountains) to the needs of high mountain rescue service training center as well as rescue station functioning all the year round (24/7);
  • Development of top-notch joint Polish-Ukrainian trainings for high mountain rescuers with special attention to up-to-date rescue techniques in different weather conditions including case studies;
  • Forming mechanisms for emergency response and ways of interaction with relevant services in case of tourists’ life and health hazards;
  • Creation of electronic services platform as an effective information resource on the one hand for the exchange of experience and training materials between Polish and Ukrainian high mountain rescue teams and on the other hand a tool to inform tourists about preventive measures of being in the high mountain area, safety roots and meteorological forecast.

When the given training center will be established, the conditions for the training staff will be improved significantly, that will allow high mountain rescue team to perform their duties regarding rescue and preservation of human life as efficiently and professionally as possible. Besides, rescue units will be equipped with the latest means of rescue and monitoring, and medical equipment.

The following project will have a great positive impact on the development of joint territorial communities, that are located in mountainous areas regarding improvement of their security in case of emergency. In general the implementation of this project will have double effect, safety conditions will improve for mountain hiking tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians and the attractiveness of the region will increase for tourists, including foreigners, who will visit Ukraine. In general, this project will allow to raise level of safety for about 200 thousand people of local population, as well as for 2,5 million of tourists, who visit Ukrainian Carpathians every year.

Joint Polish-Ukrainian mountain rescue services training have begun

On December 12-14, 2019, in Wetlina (Poland), 10 Ukrainian rescuers from the Pip Ivan Mountain Rescue team (Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region) and 10 Polish rescuers from Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Bieszczady Group (GOPR Bieszczady) participated in common training.

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A Grant Agreement Has Been Signed

February 22, in Yaremchea grant agreement between Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and the Ministry of Investment and Development of Poland concerning the project “Adaptation of former observatory on the Pope Ivan mountain to the needs of alpine rescue service training center” in the framework of EU cross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine (PL-BU-UA) 2014-2020 has beensigned.

The concept suggested by the Precarpathian National University is to create a centre, which combines a modern scientific research center with the base training for conducting search-and-rescue operations. Implementation of the project is based on the previous agreements between the Precarpathian National University and the department ofDSNS in Ivano-Frankivskregion, on the basis of which from September 2017, in the International Scientific Center «Observatory» operates 24/7Iavirnytsk search and rescue branch of the 4th specialized search-and-rescue team of DSNS in the Ivano-Frankivskregion, Ukraine.

The partners of the Precarpathian National University in this project are the University of Warsaw, which implemented a joint project to create an international scientific centre “Observatory on Mount PIP Ivan” (the Carpathian mountains), as well as the department of DSNS in Ivano-Frankivskregion, Ukraine and the Beshchadsky Mountain Rescue Department (city of Sanok, Poland).

In the framework of the project, installation of modern meteorological equipment, acquisition of the necessary rescue techniques and modern equipment for Ukrainian and Polish rescue squads in order to perform search and rescue operations in the difficult conditions of highlands, joint training and exercises have been planned. Part of the funds will be directed to the renovation and equipping of the premises in the framework of the project tasks